Registration is quickly and reliable

The Mega antennas are equipped with modern high-tec electronics that register not only quickly, but also reliably and accurately. In addition, the antennas are protected against weather damage through a special coating.

Registration of pigeons over the entire width

The Mega antenna registers over the whole width of the antenna and does not require a separate space or special building construction, and can be placed above or under the landing board.

Unlimited number of antennas connectable

When working with larger pigeon lofts (5 antennas / 20 antenna fields or more), we advise that you use an 10 ampere power supply.

Easy connectable and disconnect able

The Mega antennas (1-field / 3-field / 4-field / 6-field) are equipped with two connectors which make the antennas convenient to connect and disconnect. Also, the antenna cables are specially coated so that condensation, water and oxidation don’t have a chance.

The modern Mega antennas register all chip rings quickly and reliably, up to 15 chiprings per second. The double in compare to other well known systems. The Mega System can read all current chiprings.

Mega Pro CE antenna

De nieuwe Mega Pro Ce antenne’s zijn de laatste ontwikkeling in onze antenne assortiment.

The Mega Pro CE antenne zijn voorzien van de moderne Cypress processor. De Mega Pro CE antennes zijn ideaal om tegen elkaar of achter elkaar te plaatsen. Beschikbaar in de modellen 4 en 6 veld.


1-veld antenne L 20,0 cm x B 15,0 cm x H 3,4 cm

4-veld antenne L 54,0 cm x B 18,5 cm x H 3,5 cm

3-veld antenne L 34 cm x B 18,5 cm x H 3,5 cm

6-veld antenne L 76,3 cm x B 18,5 cm x H 3,5 cm